What to Do When Your Career Plans Don’t Go Well

By Luke Worli posted 06-08-2021 10:46 PM


Have you woken up this morning and realized that your planned career path is not going as well as you had expected? Is the complete lack of fulfillment that you feel simply how things are supposed to be? It is not, and studies indicate that people who are unhappy at work are more prone to ill-health and early death.

Therefore, if you are unhappy or feel stuck in a rut, do not dwell there. Take action to change your circumstances. Here are some ideas:

Make a radical change

It might be time to take a massive step and undertake a complete career change. If you feel that your current career field will never provide job satisfaction, make a move. There is no need to quit during a requalification process to move into a new industry.Abraham Lincoln University is one of several online law schools in California that let students study part-time toward a law degree that could catapult them into a new career path.

Undoubtedly, the earlier someone makes a career path switch, the better. However, people in their 40s and 50s can make a radical change and enter a new career field. What will separate you from anyone else trying the same thing is your drive and commitment. With these two tools in your arsenal, success is sure to follow.

Upgrade your qualifications

For someone who has beenstuck in the same job for years who wants to move up the career ladder, consider upgrading their qualifications. Moving up a rung might require additional study. With so many online courses and degrees available, you can study after working hours. Upon course completion, add your new certification to a promotion application and expect a call to interview for available promotional posts.

Speak to supervisors and managers about their qualifications or look up the educational requirements for a position you would like to hold. Then, find the appropriate course, register, and get busy preparing for career advancement.


If you are unsure why you feel so dissatisfied anddisillusioned by your job, do some introspective thinking. Is the job not what you were expecting? Did you see yourself having moved up in the organization by now? Is it the job or your approach to it?

Taking a step back from a situation often provides the clarity of thought necessary to make big decisions. If you are struggling to answer the questions above and others like them, see a life coach specializing in career development. They help clients determine if they are on the right path or if a change is needed.

Assessing current circumstances

It might not be your career that is causing you to feel this way. Sometimes, the company you work for could be the problem. During your introspection, this is a valuable point to ponder.

If your current employer is causing you to wonder about your career choice, do not give up yet. You could seek alternate employment in a similar field at a different company. If you are still not happy afterward, a drastic change is indicated.

Take some time off

Few people have this privilege, but it would be remiss not to mention it for those that do. For those that can take one, a sabbatical might be an ideal opportunity to spend more time reflecting on their current situation and where they plan to be in five years’ time.

Accumulated savings are necessary to finance a sabbatical but with the fortunate circumstance of having your old job waiting afterward. If a sabbatical is not within your budget, consider using some paid vacation time to figure out your next move.