How Instagram Ranks Above Facebook and Twitter for Advertising?

By Luke Worli posted 07-07-2021 12:00 AM


Instagram has around 1 billion users next to Facebook, followed closely by Twitter with over 350 million users and Pinterest with over 450 million users.

Instagram is considered a better platform to advertise due to various reasons pertaining to its enormous growth in a short period. Instagram is regarded as the wisest investment by Facebook in the past decade due to the vast profits it generates every year. 

Easy and quick money 

According to a recent statistic, when it comes to targeted customers, Instagram is the first choice for nine out of ten advertisers. It is easy to target the customers based on their demographic using Instagram, and people under 30 usually prefer to buy products showcased on Instagram rather than Facebook or Twitter. 

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Targeting younger customers 

Twitter is the favorite for people from 30 to 45 as they look for short but precise messages. Older people still depend on Facebook to communicate with their friends, stay in touch with each other and find long-lost friends. 

On the other hand, Instagram is a visual media preferred mainly by youngsters and teens less than 30. They buy what they see and like on Instagram, making it one of the most sought out social media platforms to make money by thousands of advertisers all over the world. Instagram DM facility is a direct, fast, and easy way to reach the fans. 

Less crowd for nano-influencers 

Nano-influencers with 5000 followers have massive customer engagement on Instagram. Top Instagram influencers manage to get around 1.67% direct engagement with their followers, while the engagement rate in Facebook is 0.15% and Twitter is 0.043%.

The influencers do not post much on Instagram compared to Facebook and Twitter but still maintain good user engagement. It is the key to sell more products and understand target customers better. 

Customer engagement is significant for small businesses, and nano-influencers use this high engagement Instagram advantage (6.27% for nano-influencers) to sell extensively, amassing substantial profits. The crowd is less on Instagram than the well-established Facebook for nano-influencers bringing down their competition by 50%. 

High conversion rates 

Photos are the primary dominating content in Instagram as the customer engagement rate for photos is nearly 1.8%. The photos often double as ads creating buying customers quickly. Instagram’s conversion rate is much higher than Twitter and Pinterest, a similar platform acting as a visual search engine. 

Advertisers pick Instagram over Facebook or Twitter because just one well-designed image is enough to make their product quite famous on Instagram, increasing the overall sales.

Videos are most famous on Facebook, and plain status tweets are the engagement drivers for Twitter. Creating a great photo is easier than creating a stunning video, making many advertisers prefer Instagram over Facebook. Photos with seasonal hashtags on Instagram tend to get nearly 4.5 times more interaction.

Instagram effectiveness in creating trends 

Instagram is known for creating various trends because of its high popularity among teens and youngsters. Insta-worthy photographs, colors, costumes, and makeup become a trend in no time, making several influencers famous and wealthy within a short time. 

Such influencers become ambassadors of particular brands and endorse them relentlessly using their lifestyle, promotions, and personal recommendation. Instagram had created more trends on the internet than any other channel, from challenges to makeup looks and product usage in the past ten years. Advertisers who wish to make their products trend in the market quickly choose Instagram without a second thought.