Suing the Taxi and Ride-Sharing App Company in Case of an Accident

By Luke Worli posted 03-14-2021 04:17 PM


Ride-sharing taxis are mostly in a rush to get more rides and make more money without realizing the risk their activities have on other drivers. Some people have been involved in accidents with ride-sharing app taxis and did not know what legal steps can be taken against the company collectively. 

The companies are liable for the actions of their drivers when they are on the line of duty. With that in mind, how can you sue a taxi and ride-sharing app company and get fair compensation? 

Get good legal representation

The first step you should take after the accident has happened is getting solid and proper legal representation. Lawyers skilled in tackling cases related to ride-sharing app companies can help you to stand a better chance at fighting and to win. 

Getting a highly-skilled Uber and Lyft Attorney, Stephen Babcock, can help tip the scales in your favor. A specialized outlook on the case can help bring in relevant experience and contribute towards getting that settlement you want and deserve. This kind of legal representation will level the playing field since the firm will be going toe to toe with someone of their stature.

Ensure that driver turns over dashcam footage

Sometimes it is the smallest things that fall through the cracks, such as forgetting to get basic evidence as dashcam footage. Getting a lawyer can help you in this regard since they can subpoena the footage if the company is refusing to turn it over. 

The dashcam footage is a hail mary evidence piece since it depicts an undisputable side of how the accident happened. Almost all ride-sharing apps have dashcams to record the drive and prevent theft which can also double as a device that records and stores evidence needed for car accidents.

Call the cops on the scene and press charges

If you would like to sue the company and try for a bigger settlement, pressing charges as soon as possible is paramount. To ensure that the police arrive on the scene with everything intact, request the driver not to move their vehicle until they arrive. The only exception for this is when the vehicle is completely blocking traffic. 

Try to ascertain if he may have been drunk and notify the police of this so that a blood test can be conducted. You can then press relevant charges depending on whether you’re injured or it’s the vehicle that needs some care.

Calculate the expenses caused by the accident

To get a rough estimate of how much to expect, work with your lawyer to break down the expenses incurred. Get financial estimate quotations from body repair shops and if there are any extra costs, include them also. 

Try to get formal documents that can be submitted to court justifying your claim. There might also be other costs you can’t calculate, such as compensation for your trauma. This is where you need your lawyer’s help the most as he must have handled numerous similar cases and will know the average claim and how much it values.

Assess the details of the settlement before agreeing

Large corporations might try to buy you off and ask for an early settlement. Although there might be benefits to an early settlement, they could be trying to prevent a larger compensation in court. However, it is still your choice whether you decide on settling as soon as possible or suing in court. 

Regardless of what you choose to do, ensure that you’ve thoroughly assessed the paperwork and agree fully to the terms. Sometimes the settlement agreement might have intricate bylaws that need to be checked by a professional lawyer.