Should I Get a Lawyer If I Get Involved in a Minor Car Accident?

By Luke Worli posted 12-13-2020 01:17 AM


The world we live in is full of crazy events, and just about anything can happen. A simple ride to work or a quick drive to the next street could end in an accident. 

In some instances, this accident may not be fatal, and nobody ends up hurt or affected. It could just leave a scratch or a slight headache, while in other circumstances it could lead to a lot of damage or even death.

If the damage is minor, most people prefer to go their separate ways without having to complicate things by involving lawyers. 

Still, it’s a very good idea always to call your lawyer no matter how minor the accident might appear.

When to Get a Lawyer

Different things can happen during an accident that will require you to call your car accident lawyer, and we’re going to give you some of the most common scenarios.

Most times when an accident occurs between two parties, the big question that comes to mind is “whose fault was it.” It’s rare for people to readily claim responsibility for causing an accident and they usually deny it, so you will need a lawyer who can help you prove that you’re the victim and it wasn’t your fault.

If the vehicles suffer greater damage, they will need to be inspected, and it’s advisable to call your lawyer so you don’t lose your car. Also, in the event you’ve been served or summoned to court, it’s better if you get yourself legal representation.

Another instance that requires the help of a lawyer is anything that has to do with insurance. Most times, insurance companies will look for ways to deny your payment or try to undercut your payment if they eventually agree to settle, so you must have a lawyer to review the settlement agreement that they offer you.

Legal representation gives you a form of security. They know how insurance policies work and they are capable of finding loopholes that aren’t in your favor. If the insurance company is trying to cut your pay for damages to your vehicle, or your health bill, your lawyer is in the best position to fight it.

No matter how minor your injuries appear after an accident, don’t just assume it will be affordable to get it treated at the hospital. You may need coverage from your insurance company and that’s why you should get a lawyer. It will make it easier for you to get what you need from the company.


When it comes to accidents and the likes, it’s important that you hire the right type of lawyer. You can’t just hire anybody with a law degree. Instead, you need somebody that’s specialized in that aspect. You wouldn’t expect a real estate lawyer to handle a traffic accident case well.

So before you hire a lawyer, ensure they are experienced in this aspect and have knowledge on insurance policies, liabilities, and the rest. 

You should also inquire about their previous cases; know how frequently they win or lose cases, and their case histories if they’ve handled anything similar to yours.

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