Last Week in Theater News

By Elissa Hecker posted 06-12-2023 10:08 AM


By Bennett Liebman

Most Performed High School Plays, 'Addams Family,' 'Clue,' are among the most performed high school shows in 2023 : NPR

Wayne  Brady in The Wiz, Wayne Brady to star as title role in ‘The Wiz’ on Broadway (

Jodie Comer Stops Performance Due to Air Quality, Jodie Comer stops ‘Prima Facie’ performance due to hazardous NYC air (

Air Crisis and Broadway, Broadway League determines shows will go on despite air crisis (

Low Grossing Week on Broadway, Several Tony-nominated productions suffer lowest-grossing week as box office slides (

Reviving Parade, ,These two high school roommates once dreamed of reviving ‘Parade.’ Now they’ve done that — and more (

The Tony Awards on Pluto, Julianne Hough & Skylar Astin to Host The Tony Awards: Act One on Pluto TV (

Here Lies Love and the Musicians, HERE LIES LOVE Releases New Statement on Negotiations With the Local 802 Musicians' Union (

Despotism Meets Disco, In David Byrne’s ‘Here Lies Love,’ despotism meets disco - The Washington Post

Inder the Radar is Off the Charts, For the Under the Radar Festival, the Experiment is Over for Now - The New York Times (

Experimental Theater and Under the Radar, AMERICAN THEATRE | As Under the Radar Fest Goes Under, Whither Experimental Theatre?

Shaiman and Wittman and their Musicals, Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman on Sister Act, Hairspray, Smash, and more |

Barry Edelstein in San Diego, Old Globe artistic chief Barry Edelstein marks 10th year of summer Shakespeare in Balboa Park - The San Diego Union-Tribune (

Last Musical on East County Stage, Kids hope to do one last musical on this East County stage. The owners want them out. - The San Diego Union-Tribune (

Racial Injustice and Zoot Suit Exploring racist injustice, 'Zoot Suit' birthed Chicano theater - The San Diego Union-Tribune (

Welsh Actors and Welsh Characters, Michael Sheen: ‘I find it very hard to accept actors playing Welsh characters when they aren’t Welsh’ (

Adrienne Kennedy and the Beatles, ‘I was living in a fool’s paradise’: Adrienne Kennedy on meeting the Beatles and losing control of her play | Theatre | The Guardian

Martin McDonagh Likes a Shock, ‘I do like a shock’: Martin McDonagh on why casting Lily Allen in The Pillowman makes it even more electrifying | Theatre | The Guardian

Reviving Sondheim, AMERICAN THEATRE | No Sondheim Is Alone: 3 Directors on His First Posthumous Revivals

Reviewing Days of Wine and Roses, Review: In ‘Days of Wine and Roses,’ Two Souls Lost in an Ocean of Booze - The New York Times (

Weird Tonys Upcoming, The last thing Broadway needs is a weird Tonys. It’s what might occur. - The Washington Post

The Perelman Bloomberg Center, It’s the Perelman Performing Arts Center, But Bloomberg Gave More - The New York Times (

Journey of Ruthie Ann Miles, Ruthie Ann Miles’ Long Journey Back to Broadway | Playbill                                                                                                 

Awarding the Audience at the Tonys, Why the Tonys should give an award to the audience this year - Los Angeles Times (

Big Orchestras Return to Broadway, Big orchestras return to Broadway in 'Sweeney Todd' and 'Some Like It Hot' : NPR

Connecticut Theater Director Charged with Sexual Assault, Police charge former CT theater director with sexual assault (

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