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Sudoku on guard for your brain!

Sudoku is a Japanese fun with numbers filling cells, and it has long captured Russians: such crosswords are also printed in housewife magazines, in children's publications, and are released as separate mobile applications. The puzzle has a good mission - to benefit the brain. The game develops the skills of logic, concentration and optimizes other cognitive functions.

How to play Sudoku to benefit yourself? How it works? Let's figure it out now!

1. Improving memory

These are not empty words: a special study was carried out at a Dublin college. It turned out that, in general, such tasks that stimulate the brain prevent the extinction of brain activity. And in Sudoku, you try to keep several numbers in your memory at once, and even calculate the hidden numbers in your mind. This is why Sudoku is such a must-see activity for older people!

2. The emergence of new brain cells

This fact is confirmed by another study conducted in Edinburgh. It showed that people who are fond of free Sudoku easy actively stimulate the work of the so-called "survival genes", which are sweetly dormant for most of the inhabitants: our life has become too comfortable and predictable, there is no need to run away from saber-toothed tigers or hunt game.

Survival genes help brain cells to live longer and happier - to resist disease, strokes and the effects of drugs.

And scientists at Oxford University have found that Sudoku generally leads to the formation of new brain cells. And which of us doesn't need them?

3. Improving quick wits

Sudoku not only boosts logical thinking, which is quite obvious, but also develops the parts of the brain responsible for making decisions. This means that avid fans of the game are capable of more creativity in everyday affairs and in work matters.

4. Increase concentration

Many people in the 21st century find it very difficult to concentrate - even just reading a book. Already on the second page, the brain seems to be whispering: "Leave this difficult occupation, let's go to the phone, let's stick it out, lying on the sofa!" The reasons can be different: stress, lack of sleep, improper lifestyle, dulling cognitive functions. If you want to solve this problem effectively and for free - solve Sudoku! In addition, the game will teach you strategic thinking, and this is a rare talent of the elite.

5. More happiness!

Happiness can be achieved in different ways: spending time where it is good and with those you love; to be carried away mentally into the amazing stories of the past; engage in your favorite hobby. Puzzles are also a small contribution to a big cause: they relax and brighten our leisure time.

By the way, you can arrange entire Sudoku online battles with friends or colleagues. Children are also willingly involved in an exciting process - all this improves human relationships and creates a warm, happy atmosphere.

6. Reducing the risk of Alzheimer's

As you know, Alzheimer's disease is a chronic disease that affects the brain, and its consequences are irreversible. And while scientists are not giving up and looking for a cure for dementia, we all need to be proactive!

Playing free web Sudoku easy helps a lot with this, sharpening and toning up your gray matter. Combine this with proper nutrition (blueberries, strawberries, green vegetables, seafood, legumes, quality chocolate) and the Wikium cognitive trainers, and you will reliably protect yourself from such deterioration. When you make the simulators your good habit, you can move on to the courses - there are also incredibly many useful and interesting things!

7. Boost of energy

And Sudoku also gives us a burst of energy - after such a "guessing" session, any routine tasks will be performed more easily and with a twinkle. You switched your brain, unloaded the body, and everything will work out!