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Chyrkin Dmitriy is a licensed attorney practicing law for over 10 years. He is a partner of the Law Office of Dmitriy Chyrkin. The official website

Membership: the New York State Bar Association, the Ukrainian National Bar Association and the International Association for Artificial Intelligence and Law.

For many years Chyrkin Dmitriy worked as a litigation lawyer for largest Ukrainian and international banks, including Universal Bank, BTA Bank, VAB Bank, Porto Franko Bank, etc. His last position in a bank – Head of the Legal Department. While working at banks Dmitriy successfully handled numerous multimillion-dollar litigation cases. Some examples of his past litigation experience:
  • Case No. 910/10144/15 – the court awarded $2, 985,552.
  • Case No. 910/27918/14 – represented the bank in the Kiev Commercial Court of Appeals and the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine. The judgment was affirmed.
  • Case No. 916/3718/15 – filed a petition to the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine. The petition was granted, the case was returned to the lower court for a new hearing. The total amount of the complaint was $33,509,930.
  • Case No. 910/27917/14 – the court awarded UAH 2,136,954.
  • Case No. 916/3721/15 – filed a petition to the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine. The petition was granted, the case was returned to the lower court for a new hearing. The total amount of the complaint was $11,025,604.
After leaving the bank, Dmitriy focused on the field of international law, providing legal services to well-known brands such as Levi’s, Baldinini, Lagerfeld and Guess in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Working in this area of law, he handled questions related to intellectual property protection, international taxation, license agreements, foreign economic activity, etc.

Chyrkin Dmitriy also worked for one of the biggest international law firms in Ukraine specializing in areas of international and maritime law. Last two years he has been working for a law firm based in Los Angeles, California. Currently, he opened his own law office located in Odessa, Ukraine.

Chyrkin Dmitriy renders legal services to the following groups of clients:
  • Foreign citizens/companies in Ukraine;
  • Ukrainian companies involved in international trade and e-commerce activity.

One of his main specializations is providing legal help to e-commerce and IT companies operating internationally. For these companies, he offers a wide range of services, including help in international taxation, drafting of web site rules (Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy), drafting of license and Software & Web Development Agreements, registration of trademarks/patents in the United States with USPTO office and with WIPO, domain name disputes, arbitration, etc.

Chyrkin Dmitriy is admitted to practice law in Ukraine. The license No. 003344.
Chyrkin Dmitriy successfully completed the following law courses:
  • English Common Law: Structure and Principles (University of London);
  • Internet Giants: The Law and Economics of Media Platforms (The University of Chicago);
  • European Business Law: Understanding the Fundamentals (Lund University);
  • European Business Law: Doing Business in Europe (Lund University);
  • An Introduction to American Law (University of Pennsylvania);
  • Rethinking International Tax Law (Universiteit Leiden);
  • International Law in Action: The Arbitration of International Disputes (Universiteit Leiden);
  • General Course on Intellectual Property (World Intellectual Property Organization).