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Key Components of a Personal Statement - Practical Examples 2021

A personal statement reflects yourself. Students are often required to write a personal statement prior to they apply for admission in any academic institution. The personal statement offers the academic institution a chance to evaluate the personality of the student. As he writes much about himself, therefore, the academic committee or the scholarship committee gets an idea about himself. Students often write my essay with a compelling personal statements and make their way into the institution, but many remain in a state of confusion as to what to write and what not. If you are facing such a problem, let us sort this problem for you. The following are some practical examples of personal statements that will help you have an idea about how to start your personal statement and what key components to mention in that.

Present your motivation

You can start writing by mentioning what inspired you to apply for this institution. Don’t be general or much thorough here just present the facts and things that you consider are worth mentioning. Following is an example of the personal statement of motivation

I find this opportunity worth applying for. I have been a student of political science for quite a long time. This academic institution is well known for its reputation among the students and many academic communities are aware of your academic achievements. My motivation draws from the academic appraise your institution has achieved since its formation and this is what drags my motivation.

Talk about your aspirations

Getting admission based on the personal statement is a great achievement. Apart from mentioning your motivation, you should mention what you aspire after completing your education in this institution. Many students often do not mention their aspirations as they consider that this might reduce their chances of getting admission, but you should mention your future aspirations. Different personal statement examples also suggest that you should talk about your aspirations in the personal statement. The following example can help you write your aspirations. The essay writing service writer will provide you with personal statement examples.

I know the future is full of opportunities, once I graduate from your institution. I saw my role in academia as I know that many of your graduates are serving as professors and lecturers in different universities. Let me mention here that getting admission here can fulfill my desire to be a part of academia as well and this is what I have aspired for throughout my life.

Enlist your achievements

The personal statement also provides you with an opportunity to present yourself as a hardworking student. This is not just the chance to talk about your motivation and aspirations, rather you should utilize this opportunity to enlist your achievements as well. But remember that you will mention the achievements you have achieved in your academic career. An essay writer just need to focus on the academic part of achievements and not about the extracurricular activities. An example of this is as follows.

I have prepared myself to enroll in this program for quite a long time. My academic career and achievements are proof of this. Both in the primary and secondary classes, I had always remained punctual and have got the top grades which I think are a feather in my cap. I believe these academic achievements have made this possible that today I am able to apply for admission in this institution.

These are some of the practical examples of how you will be developing a personal statement. These examples have demonstrated that being concise and elaborative enhances the opportunity for getting admission to colleges you think are worth applying for.