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Further Update on Transgender Ban in Military

By Hubert Plummer posted 07-21-2019 09:05 PM


A Further Update on Transgender troops in the Military

As we know, President Trump has gone ahead and instituted a ban on all transgender service members in the United States military.

Following the April 12, 2018 decision by the Court of Appeals to deny an injunction on enforcement of the ban and the Supreme Court’s decision to not review the case[i], the administration has decided to go ahead with the ban.

His ban applies to the US military, but the Federal Government does not control the various state’s National Guards.  The National Guard is controlled by the Governor of each state.

At last count, at least six states have announced they will not follow the ban on transgendered troops in their National Guard.[ii]  Massachusetts has just joined California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon and New Mexico.



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